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Empire TIME provides everything needed to track, record, and manage employee time and expenditures for a seamless transition to invoicing or chargeback. It integrates with Empire TIME OFF, an innovative tool for managing employee time off, and Empire CALENDAR, which creates a single point of entry through Microsoft Outlook to manage one’s email, calendar, timesheets, and expense reports. Empire MOBILE is our new Apple iOS and Android-based application for capturing time, expense, mileage and much more. Empire TIME is trusted by many of the world’s most profitable companies and is implemented in over 40 countries.



Increase compliance and accountability through flexible configuration, which reflects and reinforces your organization’s time and expense policies.
Gain efficiencies and reduce costs by improving processes for capturing and managing employee expenses.
Improve management decision making through the availability of real-time time and expense data.
Improve accuracy and speed in the collection of time and expense data with a variety of options for capturing time and expenses: web-based software, mobile applications, credit card expense downloads, and through integration with Microsoft Outlook using our Empire CALENDAR plug-in.
Flexibility and adaptability to accommodate users across multiple regions with different requirements and to change as organizational policies evolve.
Improve time off management by integrating Empire TIME OFF with time and expense management tool.
Empire CALENDAR increases productivity by creating a single point of entry through Microsoft Outlook to manage one's email, calendar, timesheets, and expense reports. Learn more about Empire's Microsoft Integration capabilities.

Time & Expense Tracking (click to expand)

  • Supports time and expense data entry using web-based software, our Empire MOBILE application, and through our Empire CALENDAR add-in to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Auto-population of timesheets with scheduled work, personal time off and holidays.
  • Email notifications for time and expense sheets including those due, rejected and/or late.
  • Configurable automated rule/policy checking on time and expense submissions.
  • Electronic submission of time and expenses, including scanned expense receipts.
  • Captures expenses in incurred currency, converts to employee reimbursement currency and into the project’s contract currency.
  • System can be configured to capture and process VAT information through billing and reclamation.
  • Employee time off module available.
  • Integration with financial and human resources systems.
  • Empire TIME is easily customizable to meet your complex business requirements and can be quickly implemented for both on-site and hosted solutions.

Personal Time Off (click to expand)

  • Employee time-off types, both paid and unpaid, configured according to your organization’s requirements.
  • Apply optional rules regarding minimum and maximum days notice for making requests and whether the requested time off can exceed the accrued hours
  • Time-off requests and approvals may be made using our web-based user interface, a mobile application or through email.
  • Scheduled time-off and reported absences are automatically added to user timesheets.
  • Separate treatment for employee absences from time-off requests.
  • Manage employee’s time-off accruals, adjustments, and end-of-year balances/carry-forwards.
  • Employees and managers can view and report time off hours earned, taken, scheduled, and hours still available for use.

Outlook Integration (click to expand)

  • Empire CALENDAR offers a single point of entry through Microsoft Outlook™ to manage your email, calendar, timesheets, and expense reports.
  • Microsoft Outlook users can complete their timesheets without leaving Outlook.
  • "Smart List" search functionality provides easy and quick identification of clients and projects for time and expense entries.
  • Supports both on and offline time and expense entry
  • Meeting notices can include all of the necessary timesheet details such as the client, project, task, duration and location. When a user sends out a meeting notice to another Empire CALENDAR user, the participants’ calendars will automatically include all the Empire TIME information entered in the meeting invitation.
  • With Empire CALENDAR, when you copy an Outlook event, all the Empire TIME information, will be copied. No need to re-enter all the information your timesheet requires; it’s populated for you automatically.
  • Delegation functionality allows one user to manage timesheet entry for multiple users within Outlook.
  • Empire CALENDAR helps ensure your timesheets are more accurate and complete, which means better data, better reporting and could even lead to more billable time and a fatter bottom line.
  • Timesheet entries can differ from meeting duration to reflect breaks or travel time.
  • Meetings and appointments can be uploaded to Empire Resource and scheduled activities can be downloaded to Outlook for seamless two-way integration. Learn more about the Empire SUITE’s integration capabilities.

Mobile Time Entry (click to expand)

  • Quickly and easily install Empire MOBILE by downloading the app to your device and completing the install from the web timesheet with just a couple of clicks. Choose your skin to personalize your installation.
  • Use your locations and contacts to automatically calculate From and To distances for easy mileage entry.
  • Customizable and configurable rules take the hassle out of per diem entry and ensure compliance with company and customer policies.
  • Automatic download of your incurred credit card expenses to your mobile device whenever you connect to the server. Based on your schedule and usage, we’ll even guess which client, project and expense type to use, which makes expense entry fast, simple and easy.
  • Empire MOBILE’s Resourcing portal lets you know your project assignment details when you’re away from your computer. View and approve employee time off requests using our TIME OFF portal.
  • Review and approve employee time and expense entries right from your mobile device.
  • Works on Apple iOS and Android-based mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Empire MOBILE effortlessly supports multiple devices per user and keeps them all in sync.
  • Supports both connected and offline entry. Synchronize data automatically or on demand, so your content is always up to date.
  • System administrator customizable text strings, so labels and content always reflect the way your business works.
  • Available languages include English, Spanish and German, with more choices soon to follow.

"Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company has been using various modules from the Empire Time software solution for the past 15 years. It is our primary tool for tracking time and expenses within our various business lines and we rely on the reporting mechanisms for our performance based metrics. We are pleased with many of the options WSG has continued to incorporate into its Empire Time software and are planning to adopt many of the advancements in hopes of gaining additional processing efficiencies." Christine Scheer, CFO, Gabriel Roeder, Smith & Company