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Empire PTO manages your employees' personal time off efficiently and more effectively with Empire TIME OFF. Empire TIME OFF handles any kind of time off – vacation time, sick time, personal time, time in lieu – both planned and unplanned. Empire TIME OFF helps you stay on top of all your employees' time off so you can make better, more informed scheduling decisions and help ensure compliance with your company's policies.



Ingrained social structure and intuitive functionality makes it simple for anyone to learn and use.
Increase sales productivity through simplified data entry.
Improve customer service with flexible communication channels for clients.
Streamline follow-through by integrating individual profiles with scheduling.
Consolidate information by attaching supporting documents to activities.
Centrally stored data creates an enterprise-wide user network so you have a complete view of your customer's information. Your employees can keep track of all customer-related activity—meetings, demonstrations, emails, problems—so your entire team is always up to date.


  • Email and Mobile capable – Enter requests and approvals through the web time off user interface, your mobile device or use our integrated email functionality to streamline the process. Employees can request and managers can approve time off requests through email without using the time off UI, reducing turnaround time for requests, reviews and approvals. System generated email responses include up to the minute available time off balance information.
  • Personal time off types – You define the relevant time off types for your organization, and how time off is earned. Our easy to use accrual builder makes it simple to configure your time off types – whether it's a lump sum available at the start of the year, or earned periodically over time, Empire TIME OFF keeps track of your employees’ time off based on your types and your rules. In addition to our simple to use, flexible accrual builder feature, Empire TIME OFF also supports an Excel upload for your time off accrual information.
  • Company Policy Support – Use Empire TIME OFF’s flexible configuration to support and ensure compliance with your company’s policies. You set the rules for how far in advance time off can be requested or whether requests can exceed the available time off, and by how much. Define different rules by time off type, or by office or employee type.
  • Seamless Integration with other Empire SUITE applications – Your firm will benefit from Empire TIME OFF’s tight integration with Empire MOBILE, Empire TIME and Empire RESOURCE. Planned and unplanned personal time is automatically reported on employee time sheets and in Empire RESOURCE. With our Empire CALENDAR Microsoft Outlook plug in, time off is automatically included in employee Outlook calendars as well. With all your employees’ personal time automatically included in their schedules and in their Outlook calendars, you can make better scheduling decisions and reduce conflicts between employee time off requests and project demands.
  • Detailed Reporting - Managers and employees can compare up to the minute time off requests with time off earned (both time off earned to date and expected), time off already scheduled and time off previously taken so employees and managers can better manage their requests and approvals. Timesheet portals and both smart phone and tablet based views give managers and employees the instant visibility they need to make informed decisions about time off requests and schedules.

Empire PTO supports the entire process, from employee time off requests through manager review and approval. Our integrated email functionality lets everyone involved know the status of a request and will automatically let managers know when an unplanned or unapproved day is taken. Built in accrual functionality lets you define how time off is earned and when. Up to the minute time off views are available on the Web and on your mobile device so managers and employees know their earned, available, approved and previously used time off balances.