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The Empire Suite software package features everything needed to successfully take a project from inception to completion including: the powerful Empire Mobile, Empire CALENDAR and Microsoft Project Applications. It does not matter if your organization has a single office and department doing all of your business in a single currency or you have complex needs such as multiple office and department accounting, multi-currency, varying revenue recognition methodologies (time and materials, fixed price, scheduled, etc.) or sophisticated transfer pricing needs; Empire SUITE can be configured to meet your needs. Everything required to run your business, streamline operations and simplify tasks is here, developed and designed for the sole purpose of increasing your business’s profitability by improving productivity.



Increase profitability and improve productivity with a comprehensive business solutions system that successfully takes projects from inception to completion.
Save time and effort with turnkey implementation and ease-of-use that requires minimal user training.
Adapt to changing business or market conditions with one-on-one assistance from our technicians who will work with you to develop customizations tailored to your business.
Comprehensive billing functionality supports retainer, time and materials, milestone, advance and split billing.
Optimize profitability through better visibility of project activity across the entire project lifecycle.
Improve cash flow with accelerated invoicing and reduced administrative costs.
img_cloud Empire’s SaaS Cloud system contours itself to your business—not vice versa—with modules that operate on a subscription basis with simple on/off functionality.

img_phone Empire MOBILE provides everything you need to run your business in the palm of your hand, so you can do everything on-the-go without feeling hurried.

img_calendar Empire CALENDAR allows you to do all of your time and expense reporting from inside Microsoft Outlook. Whenever you set up an appointment you can code your timesheet entries and have them automatically entered in your timesheet. If you send a meeting request to other employees they can use the meeting details for their timesheet even if they don’t use Empire CALENDAR.

img_microsoft integration provides two-way integration between Microsoft Project and Empire TIME. This allows you to know that Empire TIME is always up to date with the latest project plan information and that Microsoft Project has the latest actual information. Save time and improve billing accuracy with true multi-currency support. Empire TIME’s multi-currency functionality enables users to manage projects in one currency and then report or invoice in another.

Cloud Features

  • 24/7/365 access
  • No server or infrastructure requirements other than a web browser.
  • Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.
  • No internal IT support required.
  • Little to no training required.