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WSG has been in business since 1984 and our entire business is focused on the development of timesheet and expense management software. In 1992 we added on billing, project financial accounting and resource scheduling software which is designed for project-based environments. We have over 75,000 users in over 40 countries worldwide.

WSG is proud of the quality of our offerings, customer support and product capabilities. Our enterprise software, Empire SUITE, is designed for growing, dynamic companies. A key difference between the Empire SUITE and competitive products is the ease and speed of deployment. In fact, two of the critical factors in a competitive win were the significantly shorter implementation time frame and lower implementation costs for our solution compared to the other tools under consideration. Another major differentiator of the Empire SUITE is that once you have configured the software to meet your needs, any future changes in business requirements will not make your investment obsolete. Some software companies use “scalability” as the ability to accommodate an increasing number of users. We use scalability to mean both accommodating user growth and that the Empire SUITE will grow with the organization functionally to meet evolving business challenges.

We are also very proud to have a version of our worldwide tested enterprise version in the software as service offering, EmpireSUITE. Based on the enterprise version, uniquely designed and developed for ease of use and simplistic administration, but under the hood, strong enough and configurable for small to midsized firms. Users can manage prospects, opportunities, activities, projects, time and expense and billing, all conveniently accessible via a internet browser.

Global organizations such as Deloitte Consulting, Disney, ING Direct USA, Independence Blue Cross are some of the many organizations that rely on us to help them with managing their project financials.

WSG is a privately held company located in New York City, Los Angeles and Bangalore India.