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Empire RESOURCE enables users to match the appropriate resources to a project based on required skill sets, availability, location and more. A rich, graphical resource management UI allows viewing and drill downs on resource schedules and availability across geographies and functional units. Resource over/under capacity and conflicts are easily identified and fixed. A robust project-rates structure allows precise tracking of project financials—budgets, actuals and schedules—across the organization. View reported actuals and compare them to the original schedule in real time.



Eliminate the confusion caused by multiple spreadsheets or manual calendar-based scheduling by driving users to one shared comprehensive data source.
Start with project budgets and resource needs, and quickly find staff to fill open requests while tracking schedule against budget. After the project starts, compare schedules to reported actuals. Ensure projects run smoothly by creating multiple 'What If?' scenarios for new and ongoing projects.
Compare historical and current schedules with actuals information to build a library of best practices.
Better coordinate efforts across departments with an array of tools that alert staff to changes and updates in real-time.

Resource Management Features

  • Aggregate schedules across thousands of projects or resources at any level of the organization and drill down to areas of interest. View schedules in monthly, weekly, daily, or fiscal periods.
  • Assign roles to projects until they are ready to staff. Role assignments have rates and dollar amounts associated with them and can be used to create an initial budget for a project.
  • Drag and drop resources on projects to create assignments, and move assignments from one resource to another.
  • When integrated with Empire TIME software, users can utilize the project schedule to create the project budget, compare actuals to schedule to project budget, auto-populate timesheets with assignment information, and more.
  • See total resource capacity and availability by resource type, office, cost center or other user-definable criteria.
  • See the financial implications of staff scheduling choices: view revenue, cost values and allocated hours.
  • See forecast information including the total estimated cost and the projected revenue at completion—with or without contingencies.

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  • Intelligent Team Search functionality can find multiple resources for an assignment based on your prioritized, configurable criteria.
  • Security permissions control which users can update the published schedule.
  • The user-configurable dashboard provides tools to monitor projects and identify problems while there is still time to make adjustments.
  • Create detailed budgets for hours, revenue, and cost by uploading schedules into Empire’s web-based budgeting tool.
  • Use our Copy Project feature to create schedules based on either schedule or actuals. You can copy schedules from one year to the next for hundreds or even thousands of projects at a time.
  • Determine optimal resource schedules across the organization by creating and evaluating different views based on project status, resource availability and start dates.
  • Gather and analyze client, project resource, and task information to gain business insight.
  • Integrate with Empire CALENDAR to automatically synchronize an employee’s schedule into their Outlook calendar. Allow employees to update the plan by making changes in their personal Outlook calendars.
  • Seamless integration with Empire TIME and Empire CALENDAR, and Microsoft Project™. Project Server™ enables coordinated efforts across company divisions. Learn more about Empire SUITE’s integration capabilities.

"With Empire Resource, I know who's on the bench, I know who's booked and I know when staff is not available because of vacations or other reasons. No more conflicting email threads, spreadsheets and post it notes about who's supposed to be where and when. And with the Calendar plug-in, our Outlook calendars include our schedules and everyone is up to date." Janine Zirrith, Firm Administrator, Wilkin & Guttenplan