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Empire CRM provides users with the powerful tools they need to help convert opportunities into new business and new business into repeat business. Users can track leads, manage activities and monitor follow-up with seamless calendar interfacing and automated alerts. Built with social capabilities ingrained—not added on—Empire CRM is the ideal solution for building stronger business relationships with less effort.



Ingrained social structure and intuitive functionality makes it simple for anyone to learn and use.
Increase sales productivity through simplified data entry.
Improve customer service with flexible communication channels for clients.
Streamline follow-through by integrating individual profiles with scheduling.
Consolidate information by attaching supporting documents to activities.
Centrally stored data creates an enterprise-wide user network so you have a complete view of your customer’s information. Your employees can keep track of all customer-related activity—meetings, demonstrations, emails, problems—so your entire team is always up to date.


Empire CRM’s features promote meticulous project planning and efficient delivery so your projects remain on track, successful, and profitable.

  • Empire CRM’s Import feature will load your existing contact information with ease.
  • Tag your contacts with keywords to facilitate flexible and easy access.
  • Attach documents to your activities.
  • Schedule telephone calls, emails, meetings, demos, follow-ups using CRM’s Activity feature.
  • Check your activities, see your notes and access attached documents within a single view.
  • View your activities calendar by day, week, month or year.
  • Email reminders alert you to upcoming activities.
  • Easy access to employees’ contacts and notes eliminates redundancies and miscommunication.
  • Contacts and opportunities can be easily linked with Empire PROJECT for a seamless transition from prospect to opportunity to client to repeat business.
  • Empire CRM seamlessly integrates your existing Microsoft Office tools and the Empire SUITE so information is stored centrally and consolidated in one platform.
  • Empire CRM can be customized to support your company’s complex requirements across the entire organization so your employees work efficiently and support your business, and your customers’ businesses, flawlessly.

"Empire CRM keeps us abreast of our customer needs, activities, important documents, and key information, all in one place! The CRM Tool also allows our employee team members to share every detail about any customer they are permitted to view, all in real time. I’m very pleased with this product since it’s functionally rich, while being intuitive and easy to use." Michael G. Grottola, President, MGG Consulting, LLC